Lancer Evo X

09 Dec

I’m a big fan of the Lancer Evo X. I wish I could afford a real one, but until I win the Lottery, I have to be content with putting together a scale version. My kit of choice? The 1:24 Aoshima Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. View my gallery HERE.

Lancer Evo X via Scale Model World

Lancer Evo X

This kit turned out to be my first foray into Enamel paint – with results I am about 90% happy with. Rather than colour this model in either the red shown on the box, or another colour available on a real Lancer Evo X, I chose to do it in yellow – for two reasons. Firstly, simply because yellow ISN’T an option in real life, and secondly, because yellow and black looks awesome!

Unfortunately, this was also my first foray into one of the satanic trinity of colours (white, yellow and orange) which seem impossible to get onto a model with any level of quality. I lost count of how many cans of Tamiya Yellow spray cans I bought. Maybe that’s why my local Mr Toys Toyworld is still in business!

I spent a lot of time putting this kit together. Getting the paintjob right meant stripping it back about three times and re-spraying. Sadly, the finished product has a few chips in it, but I’m still pretty happy. And as I said, I think the yellow and black looks awesome together.

Lancer Front via Scale Model World


Lancer Rear via Scale Model World


Lancer Semi Front via Scale Model World

Semi Front

Lancer Semi Rear via Scale Model World

Semi Rear

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