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1982 Corvette Snap-Tite kit – Part 4

The storms have been raging up here in Brisbane lately, so this build is going a lot faster than I anticipated. I’m also amazed at how well I think this Snap-Tite kit is coming together. I can’t remember the last time I bought a Snap-Tite kit, but this one has rekindled my interest. They’re significantly cheaper than the regular kits, and if I say so myself, I’m doing a pretty good job of this one.

My biggest problem when building models is that I’m not particularly creative. By that, I mean that I struggle to find colour schemes that work, and sometimes I can’t even work out whether to leave a piece chrome or strip it and paint it. Thank God for my wife! So when I was thinking about the colour scheme for this Vette, I was stuck on what colour to do the interior. Sure, there’s always tan which goes well with a black body, but I wanted something special. I even thought of introducing pink as a colour to turn this into a “girl’s” muscle car.

But after looking at some pics on the web, my wife suggested a Richie Benaud jacket colour – white/off-white/cream/beige/bone type colour. I figured that might be a bit plain, so I decided I do a “Tuxedo” paint scheme using black and Tamiya’s Pearl White. Here’s how the dash turned out.

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1982 Corvette Snap-Tite kit – Part 3

LOTS of work has been going on with this build lately. The weather in Brisbane has been crap, so that means being stuck indoors. Yay! This kit is a pretty simple build if you do it out of the box. The beauty of Snap-Tite kits is that they don’t need painting. In theory. This kit is modelled in all the same colour – except for the obvious like chrome, rubber tyres, and clear windows. And the colour it came in is, quite honestly, bad.

So I’ve set about sprucing things up a bit by adding some cool colours. I painted the engine red, and managed to strip the chrome plating off some of the parts and paint them the correct colours. Here’s and example of some of the incorrectly chromed pieces:

1982 Corvette Snap-Tite Kit - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

A chrome fan belt?

1982 Corvette Snap-Tite Kit - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

A chrome air filter?







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1982 Corvette Snap-Tite kit – Part 2

The beauty of having time off work means you can spend a LOT of time working on your build. Since writing my first post on this kit yesterday, I think I must have spent a good five hours (maybe more) working on it. I started by removing sections that I’m going to improve – the grille and the doors. The grille sections are really quite small, and detailed well on the body, so getting them out proved a little difficult. But as usual with this kind of thing, you just work slowly and careful and take breaks.

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1982 Corvette Snap-Tite Kit – Part 1

Wish me luck! A few months ago now, I joined up on the Model Cars Mag forum, where people with talent I will NEVER have, show their work and inspire others to do their best. I like to think I’m doing a good job with my kits, but it can be both heart-breaking and inspiring to see what others can do during their builds.

My most recent build, the 1970 Mustang Boss 429 was my most adventurous kit thus far. I opened the doors, wired up the engine and polished the paint. And I thought I was being clever! But after reviewing some work on the forum, I’ve decided to go all out with this build. And since it’s new ground for me, I thought I’d share my progress in more depth this time around.

So here’s the kit:

1982 Corvette Snap-Tite Kit - Part 1 via scalemodelworld

I got the kit from my mate Jim, and he only charged $10 plus delivery. This kit in Australia would retail for over $40. So considering this kit was so cheap, I figured I’d pull out all the stops and see what I can do.

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1970 Mustang Boss 429 – Part 4 (complete)

So it’s finally done. My 1970 Mustang Boss 429. I have to say that this is probably my favourite build, and not just because it’s my most recent. I did a LOT of mods to this kit, far more than I’ve ever done in the past. And I mean the MOST mods I’ve done, as well as the most INVOLVED mods I’ve done.

So here’s a teaser of the finished product:

1970 Mustang Boss 429 - part 4 (complete) via scalemodelworld

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1970 Mustang Boss 429 – Part 3

So following a long break over Christmas, where I couldn’t do any building, the Mustang is coming along nicely. I painted the chassis and undercarriage, and finalised the interior tub. I put colour on the body (Tamiya “French Blue” (TS10)) and after about 2 hours of masking, managed to include the black feature stripe around the body, which I think came up pretty well.

I also managed to design and incorporate another little fun and interesting piece to this build – a hood support rod. You know, that rod that some cars have that holds the hood open. I’m pretty sure the actual car didn’t have one, but the way the model is designed, the hood won’t stay open by itself unless it’s at a full 90º, which in my opinion looks less realistic that the inclusion of my support rod.

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