1982 Corvette Snap-Tite kit – Part 5 (complete)

05 Feb

Finally, she’s done. My $10.00 Snap-Tite 1982 Corvette. I started out with some big hopes and dreams for this build, and most of them got all the way to completion. So here’s the details on the mods I had planned:

Gullwing Doors – Yes!

Wire mesh on the grilles – Yes!

Pinstriping – Yes!

Polished paint – Yes!

Lowered – No (but did use better wheels)

Pop-up Headlights – No

I know, polished paint isn’t really a mod, but it gives a better finish than your standard clear coat, and there IS a bit of skill involved (which I’m still learning by the way), so I’m including it. The biggest job on this build was the doors. They came away cleanly, but the pillars broke around a thousand times. The pillars attached to the body are all new – made from styrene, as is the passenger’s side pillar, but the driver’s side is 100% original.

As with all things modelling, I dry-fit these doors (quite literally) about 100 times before I applied any glue, and they always fit perfectly. But once I tried to glue them in place, nothing seemed to fit. And even when they DID fit, they had trouble opening. I lost count of the number of times this kit nearly ended up in the trash.

I did some micro-work on the roof panels where they line up with the roof, and managed to get them to a point where they will open without catching on the roof, which is a pretty big success. I used the “standard” home-made hinges of using brass rod inside a cotton bud tube, but on a smaller scale.

The pinstriping was the next hardest mod. I learned the technique of taping two #11 blades together and cutting my Tamiya masking tape with them, to produce a stupidly thin strip of tape that works well for pinstriping. I tried a heap of different designs (mainly on the hood), but soon realised this is another skill that needs practice, so I went with a relatively simple design where the tape never overlaps itself. With more practice, I should be able to lay down some better, more complex designs.

The headlights failed because I couldn’t make small enough hinges that worked. I then decided to position the lights in the “up” position, but when I was ready to attach the headlight lenses – I couldn’t find them. I’ve pulled the house apart looking for them, but they’re gone, so I had to glue the covers back in place. Maybe next time.

But enough dribbling on, here’s some eye candy. More photos on my gallery page if you’re interested. Tell me what you think.

1982 Corvette Snap-Tite Kit - Part 5 (complete) via scalemodelworld

1982 Corvette Snap-Tite Kit - Part 5 (complete) via scalemodelworld





1982 Corvette Snap-Tite Kit - Part 5 (complete) via scalemodelworld

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