“General Lee” – Part 3 (complete)

24 Feb

I mentioned in Part 2 of this thread that this is the worst kit EVER. I’ve really wanted to post about other things, but I prefer to finalise one thing before moving on – otherwise my brain freaks out and I lose track of what I’m up to. The sad thing is, this kit (and the build) was SO frustrating, that even the thought of taking photos of the finished model turned me off writing. So sorry it’s been so long between posts, but you can blame AMT for that!

The turmoil I had with this kit is that I still like to do my best, but when you’re being blocked at every turn, it gets you down. I tried to be motivated to fight back, but it just broke me down, lol. So I wired the engine and I cut and rebuilt the role cage, and I redesigned the rear window, but I decided against wasting my effort polishing it or using BMF.

Overall, I think I’m happy with the end result, but it’s not like Christine or my 1970 Mustang Boss (which now sit proudly in display cases) or even my recent 1982 Corvette where I went all out with mods and a sense of love. So without further ado, here’s the eye candy:

"General Lee" - Part 3 (complete) via scalemodelworld

"General Lee" - Part 3 (complete) via scalemodelworld

"General Lee" - Part 3 (complete) via scalemodelworld

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