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1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile – Part 3

I’m getting a little fed up with this build. I bought this kit as a donor for my 1982 Corvette, but decided to have some fun putting it together anyway. If you’ve read the previous posts, you’ll know I’m turning this into a bit of a pimp car.

I wanted to carpet the interior, but was aiming for that over-the-top shag look that pimps seem to love. I looked EVERYWHERE for purple shag flock, and it was either WAY too expensive, or impossible to find. Eventually – and I hate to tell you this – I bought a product designed for women to stick to their fingernails, from a website called Born Pretty. But it was cheap, and delivery was free.

1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

Buick interior

I think the interior came out quite well, but this product is a bit of a nightmare to work with. I started by sifting like you would with normal flock, and that worked ok, but the stuff clumps together unless you sprinkle it all over the piece, right from the jar.

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