1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile – Part 3

02 Apr

I’m getting a little fed up with this build. I bought this kit as a donor for my 1982 Corvette, but decided to have some fun putting it together anyway. If you’ve read the previous posts, you’ll know I’m turning this into a bit of a pimp car.

I wanted to carpet the interior, but was aiming for that over-the-top shag look that pimps seem to love. I looked EVERYWHERE for purple shag flock, and it was either WAY too expensive, or impossible to find. Eventually – and I hate to tell you this – I bought a product designed for women to stick to their fingernails, from a website called Born Pretty. But it was cheap, and delivery was free.

1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

Buick interior

I think the interior came out quite well, but this product is a bit of a nightmare to work with. I started by sifting like you would with normal flock, and that worked ok, but the stuff clumps together unless you sprinkle it all over the piece, right from the jar.

When some pieces didn’t stick properly, I tried picking it up with my fingers and applying it, but it clumped. I tried using a flat-headed tweezer end to scoop it up, but it clumped. I tried applying glue to the piece then “rolling” it through the shag – but it clumped. The only way it provided good results was – as I said – to apply glue to the piece, then sprinkle the flock right from the jar. That creates HUGE coverage, but in it’s favour, this stuff re-uses exceptionally well. I just made sure I had clean paper under the piece, covered it in flock, shook it loose and then tipped the excess flock back into the jar.

In the interest of having fun with this model, you’ll see I shagged the steering wheel, but what you might not see in other pics is that I shagged the inside roof, sun visors and the back of the rear view mirror as well. Those 70’s pimps loved their shag!

Another product I’ve fallen in love with is gold BMF (Bare Metal Foil). Pimps love gaudy, so it’s purple and gold all over.

1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

Buick BMF

After reading a tip online, I did the door handles in two sections, which produced a far superior result to trying it with a single piece.

1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

Buick with BMF Grille

The gold BMF is so awesome, I even managed to do the grille with it. I tried painting it, but it just didn’t have that bright shine I was after. If you haven’t used BMF before, you really REALLY need to start. It’s easy to work with and it gets into EVERY little nook and cranny. Just like on the grille – it took about 2 minutes to apply each piece and some light burnishing with a cotton tip and a toothpick had the BMF contouring to the entire grille.

1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

Buick Engine

I love this BMF so much, I even put some on the top of the air cleaner to make it sparkle. I realised too late, it would have made a great addition to the rocker covers as well.

1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

Opened Up

Another thing I did with this build was to open EVERYTHING. I cut open the doors and truck and used pre-made, metal hinges. Just like this purple flock, the hinges are hard to work with, but after using this build as a practice, I should be right for next time. And yes, I even shagged the trunk, lol.

1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 3 via scalemodelworld

Shag lined Buick trunk

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