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Airbrush Setup

Wanting to improve the quality of my builds, I finally bit the bullet and forked out for a complete airbrush setup. I read the excellent guide written by my mate John from The Painting Bunker, then we hooked up and spent a few hours driving around Brisbane together picking up all the bits and pieces.

John’s advice was to spend MORE on the compressor and LESS on the actual brush. That sounded a little counter-intuitive to me, but he made sense. According to John, and he – literally – is the expert, you should expect to trash your first airbrush due to a variety of reasons. So spending $100+ on a brush isn’t too smart. Instead, I bought a $60 job from Supercheap Auto.

There are effectively two functions of an airbrush that you need to make a decision about. One is how the paint feeds into the brush. There are Gravity Fed and Syphon Fed brushes, and they’re pretty self explanatory. The Gravity Fed brushes have a little “tub” attached to the top of the brush and when you press the trigger, the paint drops into the brush and out the nozzle.

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