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“General Lee” – Part 3 (complete)

I mentioned in Part 2 of this thread that this is the worst kit EVER. I’ve really wanted to post about other things, but I prefer to finalise one thing before moving on – otherwise my brain freaks out and I lose track of what I’m up to. The sad thing is, this kit (and the build) was SO frustrating, that even the thought of taking photos of the finished model turned me off writing. So sorry it’s been so long between posts, but you can blame AMT for that!

The turmoil I had with this kit is that I still like to do my best, but when you’re being blocked at every turn, it gets you down. I tried to be motivated to fight back, but it just broke me down, lol. So I wired the engine and I cut and rebuilt the role cage, and I redesigned the rear window, but I decided against wasting my effort polishing it or using BMF.

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“General Lee” – Part 2

OMG, worst kit ever! I had SO much trouble with this kit, that just thinking about it depresses me. I’ve never been more happy to see the end of a build. But despite that, I didn’t just pay this off. I did the best that I could, which included making some MAJOR mods.

Here’s some examples of the issues that I faced:

The actual car body was NOT the same as the TV car (mentioned in Part 1);

The roll cage sat low (didn’t reach the roof), and didn’t reach the sides of the interior; and

There were pieces missing, as well as pieces that could be used (like the fuel tank that didn’t fit).

The rear window was the biggest mod, followed closely by fixing the roll cage. Here’s the way I fixed the rear window:

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“General Lee”

About six months ago, I decided that rather than just building random cars, I needed a theme. So I came up with the idea of TV and Movie cars, hence some of the choices in my gallery. Recently, I’ve been building muscle cars (since I enjoy those old cars), but this time I thought I should get back to my main theme. One model I got my hands on recently – from my mate Jim – was the AMT General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard (the awesome TV series, not the crappy movie!)

General Lee via scalemodelworld

I was looking forward to this kit, since it’s both a TV car AND a muscle car. But last night while I was looking for ref pics of the TV General Lee, I discovered that there’s a major problem. And one I’m kind of scared to address, but in the interest of making this car look like the one on TV, I have to step outside my comfort zone and do some significant work to the body.

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1958 Plymouth Belvedere – a.k.a. “Christine” – Part 2

As I was putting Christine together, I was firmly focussed on how I was going to wire her up. Since the trunk was going to be filled with a battery, I decided to use 4 LEDs – 2 white and 2 red – so I set about putting my circuit together.

I spoke to a bunch of guys at work who have experience with this kind of thing, and asked them to help me design my circuit. You’d never believe it, but it took about 4 months to come up with a final solution! I got my hands on the parts and made a “mock-up” of the circuit to make sure it all worked.

Once I had it sorted, I had to then work out how this circuit was going to fit in the car. The LEDs are wired in parallel, meaning my circuit starts with the battery, runs to a resistor and then splits in two. Each line then has a white LED followed by a red LED and then joining back together to return to the battery. The problem with this is that the battery is at the back of the car, while the white LEDs are at the front.

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1958 Plymouth Belvedere – a.k.a. “Christine” – Part 1

Ever since I saw the movie Christine, this car became the “Holy Grail” of model car kits for me. I hopelessly tried for a few years to track one down, but it never eventuated. In 2011, my dreams came true when I managed to get my hands on a kit from my new best friend, Jim. If he doesn’t have one available, just e-mail him and he will let you know when he gets one.


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