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Airbrush Setup

Wanting to improve the quality of my builds, I finally bit the bullet and forked out for a complete airbrush setup. I read the excellent guide written by my mate John from The Painting Bunker, then we hooked up and spent a few hours driving around Brisbane together picking up all the bits and pieces.

John’s advice was to spend MORE on the compressor and LESS on the actual brush. That sounded a little counter-intuitive to me, but he made sense. According to John, and he – literally – is the expert, you should expect to trash your first airbrush due to a variety of reasons. So spending $100+ on a brush isn’t too smart. Instead, I bought a $60 job from Supercheap Auto.

There are effectively two functions of an airbrush that you need to make a decision about. One is how the paint feeds into the brush. There are Gravity Fed and Syphon Fed brushes, and they’re pretty self explanatory. The Gravity Fed brushes have a little “tub” attached to the top of the brush and when you press the trigger, the paint drops into the brush and out the nozzle.

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1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile – Part 2

Yo, check it out Playa. Iz got some pimpin’ stripes on my ride fo shizzle.

Thanks to a post I saw on the modelcarsmag forum a while ago, I’ve been trying my hand at pinstriping. My first effort was on my ’82 Corvette Snap-kit and was pretty simple. I tried a few designs but failed every time I had the tape crossing over itself. So this time I wanted to push myself. You only get better by doing something new, right?

I searched the web for pinstripe designs and using what I saw, I came up with my own design – one for the hood and one for the trunk. LOTS of cross-overs in these designs, so I was nervous during the whole experience. The problem with pinstriping is that you can’t check it as you go. Once you remove that tape, the process ends, so you have to leave it there until the piece is completely painted and ready for polishing or clear coats. It’s a scary time.

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The other day, I trashed my first model. I don’t mean that I damaged it in some way, I mean it went in the bin. I tried and tried to make the damn thing work, but in the end, modelling is supposed to be fun, and this model was “anti-fun”. I tried for TWO days to get the front axle to attach to the steering arm, but in the end, not even super glue could hold the thing together!

Revell 1:24 Outlaw

Revell 1:24 The Outlaw

I was a big fan of Revell back in the day, and in my opinion, they still make some great kits. But in this case, I sensed trouble from the start. My main kits of choice is cars, and in general, the engines are all put together the same way – with all the pieces cast in the same shapes – regardless of whose kit it is.

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