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1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile – Part 1

Yo, what up G? Fo shizzle my nizzle, this here pimpin’ Buick ride is off da hook, yo!
LOL, sorry about that, but I’ve been getting a bit carried away with this build. Believe it or not, I bought this kit as a donor for my Corvette with gullwing doors. I planned to make pop-up headlights for the ‘bette, so I needed small diameter lenses, which the Buick has. The problem is, the headlights on the ‘vette failed, mainly because I lost two of the lenses. So at the end of this build, the lights on the Buick are gonna be a bit funky.
1970 Buick GSX Pimp Mobile - Part 1 via scalemodelworld

So when I was looking for my next (current) build, I saw the Buick and thought it might be fun. I had no idea just what an amazing car this was in it’s time, so despite having bought it as a donor, I’m kind of glad I ended up with it. But this is NOT going to be a standard build. Could you tell from the post title?

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1982 Corvette Snap-Tite kit – Part 5 (complete)

Finally, she’s done. My $10.00 Snap-Tite 1982 Corvette. I started out with some big hopes and dreams for this build, and most of them got all the way to completion. So here’s the details on the mods I had planned:

Gullwing Doors – Yes!

Wire mesh on the grilles – Yes!

Pinstriping – Yes!

Polished paint – Yes!

Lowered – No (but did use better wheels)

Pop-up Headlights – No

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1970 Mustang Boss 429 – Part 4 (complete)

So it’s finally done. My 1970 Mustang Boss 429. I have to say that this is probably my favourite build, and not just because it’s my most recent. I did a LOT of mods to this kit, far more than I’ve ever done in the past. And I mean the MOST mods I’ve done, as well as the most INVOLVED mods I’ve done.

So here’s a teaser of the finished product:

1970 Mustang Boss 429 - part 4 (complete) via scalemodelworld

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1970 Mustang Boss 429 – part 2

One thing I really wanted to do with this kit was to wire up the engine. I’d tried it once before, but the wire I used was far too thick. I’m pretty sure I used 22 AWG (aka 22 gauge) wire, when what you really need is 30 gauge. I found it once on the Jaycar website, but I ended up getting it from Wiltronics.

Not being an expert on cars or engines, I needed to do a lot of research before I started on this little project. So I looked at photos of a real engine from a 1970 Mustang, and I looked at modelcarmags forums to see what other modellers have done.

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1958 Plymouth Belvedere – a.k.a. “Christine” – Part 2

As I was putting Christine together, I was firmly focussed on how I was going to wire her up. Since the trunk was going to be filled with a battery, I decided to use 4 LEDs – 2 white and 2 red – so I set about putting my circuit together.

I spoke to a bunch of guys at work who have experience with this kind of thing, and asked them to help me design my circuit. You’d never believe it, but it took about 4 months to come up with a final solution! I got my hands on the parts and made a “mock-up” of the circuit to make sure it all worked.

Once I had it sorted, I had to then work out how this circuit was going to fit in the car. The LEDs are wired in parallel, meaning my circuit starts with the battery, runs to a resistor and then splits in two. Each line then has a white LED followed by a red LED and then joining back together to return to the battery. The problem with this is that the battery is at the back of the car, while the white LEDs are at the front.

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1958 Plymouth Belvedere – a.k.a. “Christine” – Part 1

Ever since I saw the movie Christine, this car became the “Holy Grail” of model car kits for me. I hopelessly tried for a few years to track one down, but it never eventuated. In 2011, my dreams came true when I managed to get my hands on a kit from my new best friend, Jim. If he doesn’t have one available, just e-mail him and he will let you know when he gets one.


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